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Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy & Data Protection Law

Data Protection law pertains to the regulation, storage, and use of personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals, which can be collected by governments, public or private companies, or other individuals. In this digital age, almost all businesses have a digital presence, whether it is for marketing and advertising, information sharing, or for online retail transactions. However, having a digital presence also brings about privacy concerns, which can produce legal ramifications for businesses that are not compliant with current data privacy protection laws.

With the implementation of GDPR and CCPA, the privacy and data protection phenomenon is being recognized as a fundamental right worldwide. In the near future, businesses can expect further regulation, both globally and domestically and will need to remain compliant. What’s more is that regulators are enforcing data privacy violations now, more than ever, and consequences for such violations include hefty fines.

At Hebert-Thomas Law, PLLC, I have the knowledge and skills to help businesses understand and comply with the broad aspects of privacy and data protection laws and standards that regulate the collection, storage, use, sharing and protection of PII, along with sensitive corporate information and trade secrets.

Among other things, my firm is here to draft your internal privacy and security policy as well as your consumer privacy notice to ensure the public that you properly collect and use consumer information and are compliant with all applicable laws and industry standards.

  • Terms of Use Agreements

  • Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Notice

  • Emergency Response & Preparedness

  • Compliance with State, Federal, & International Laws

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