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30 Minute Trademark/Copyright Consultation

Whether you are in the initial stages of starting your business or an established business owner, it’s not too late to secure your brand. This consultation is for business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about brand protection and are ready to obtain exclusive ownership of their assets. During this consultation, you will receive: valuable information regarding the current status of your brand; the best strategy for brand protection; the steps required for registration; and other pertinent details necessary to advance the process.

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Business Structuring/Planning Session

Are you looking to start a business and need legal guidance regarding entity formation, brand protection, and more? Then this session will give you the legal advice that you need to begin your business with confidence. During this session, you will receive the following:

  • advice regarding the best business entity structure to form for your needs;

  • advice on what iron-clad contracts or legal documents you will need to protect your assets amongst co-owners, employees, vendors and your clients;

  • licenses or certifications you need to obtain for your specific industry, if necessary;

  • advice regarding marketing and branding;

  • advice regarding how to choose strong trademark and/or copyright assets that will give your business the greatest opportunity for protection

  • cost of investment required for brand protection

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Initial Consultation

If you would like to schedule an initial interview for any of the firm’s other practice areas, including: Estate Planning; Privacy and Data Protection; General Counsel Services; Mergers and Acquisitions; Trademark or Copyright Infringement cases; or other Business Law matters, then this consultation is for you.

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60 Minute Consultation

This consultation is for both current or potential clients looking to discuss more complex corporate law issues with the attorney that will require more time than the standard 30 minute initial consultation.

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